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Slurping Nata de Coco at Saint's Alp Teahouse, NYC

Where to Drink: New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Boba (or tapioca balls) are the default mix-in for milk tea drinks at Saint's Alp Teahouse, but I love to swap in something slightly lighter: nata de coco. More

Asian Drinks: Canned Juices and Drinks with Stuff in Them

The Serious Eats Team 26 comments

The canned drinks aisle of our local Asian supermarket seems to go on for miles. Juices (made with every imaginable fruit and vegetable), drinks with basil seeds, Thai aloe vera drinks, Taiwanese drinks with boba, mango nectar with coconut jelly—there are almost too many choices. So we bought 'em all and tried them out. More

Drinking Around Chinatown: Wax Gourd

Meister 2 comments

If there's one thing I've learned from browsing various Chinatown beverage coolers, it's this: Somebody somewhere has probably tried to make a drink out of just about every single fruit and vegetable known to man. Case in point: Wax gourd drink. More

Have You Ever Tried Drinking Vinegar?

Meister 25 comments

Especially popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, fruit- or honey-infused vinegars are often sipped after and between meals—not only for nose-tingling, delicious refreshment, but also to balance the pH levels in the imbiber's stomach. More

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