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Does Terroir Matter in Coffee?

Place has long been held as virtually as significant an element of winemaking as grape variety and processing: When we think of Burgundy, say, or Champagne, we think as much of the land itself as we do the famed liquid that come from there. The two are virtually inseparable. Does the same hold true, however, in coffee? More

Around the Caffeinated World: Ethiopia

How did coffee get planted around the world, and how much does terroir play into cup flavor? We'll spend the next few columns exploring the history and lore of various coffee growing regions, starting with the place where it all began: Ethiopia. More

Five Great Colombian Coffees You Should Try

One of the most famous coffee-growing nations in the world, and host to the recent World Barista Championships, Colombia is on many people's minds right now as beautiful fresh crop coffees fill cups around the world. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some of how this year's harvest is being presented by some of the country's finest artisan roasters. Distinguished often not just by farm, but by farmer name, these coffees primarily hail from the early 2011 harvest and each express their roaster's take on this beautiful and varied terroir. Let's taste! More

Happy Hour, NYC: Terroir

What Terroir's happy hour lacks in hours (well, hour; it's from 5pm-6pm), it more than makes up for in quality. First, it's available seven days a week, easy to put on your weekend to-do list. Second, it's quite pleasant in Terroir on the early side: in our experience, much less crowded, a calm and friendly place for a few drinks. And third, you can knock back three quality drinks for $12 and learn something in the process. More

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