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5 Great Laptop-Friendly Cafes in NYC

Coffee Liz Clayton 4 comments

It's both the salvation of the freelancer and the bane of the cafe owner's existence: the coffee-shop-as-workplace. And though the scenario's second-nature in most cities, finding a place to "laptop camp" in New York City can prove to be a bit of a challenge. That said, there are a handful of places that still let, and in some cases encourage, their working patrons to linger. More

Inside Sweetleaf's New Brooklyn Café

Coffee Liz Clayton Post a comment

Roasters from the other coast are prominently featured, such as Heart and longstanding Sweetleaf favorite Ritual. We loved the sweet and airy Colombia El Mandarino microlot from the latter, poured over V60 into a sneaky custom brew-bar with brewer-cone drains. The level of care is among the highest in NYC—with the level of pretension among the lowest. It's a(n unfortunately) rare combination that makes each cup of coffee that much sweeter. More

Cool Drinks, NY: Fresh Mango and Strawberry Tea at Sweetleaf

Where to Drink: New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

At Sweetleaf in Long Island City, coffee is the focus, but they do tea justice, too. During the summer months, drop in for a iced fruit tea, made to order ($3.75). You can choose fresh mango or strawberry puree to be added to your brisk China black tea. More

Coffee Chronicles: Queens Gets Even Sweeter with Sweetleaf

Where to Drink: New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

If New York City is truly in the throes of birthing a coffee revolution, it's going to be impossible to do so without true five-borough penetration. Sweetleaf Coffee in Long Island City, Queens, joins the neighborhood's trendy upswing by raising its own game: now a place of bigger, better beauty in which to savor the borough's best coffees. More

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