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Is Chicory Coffee Any Good? Or Just a Way to Stretch Coffee?

The term "chicory coffee" conjures romantic images of leisurely breakfasts in New Orleans, munching beignets and sipping from a steaming mug while the lazy strains of jazzy trumpets float through the air. But what the heck is it, and is it actually good, or just a French Quarter daydream? Let's get down to the root of the root that makes this chicory coffee thing. More

Coffee by Continent: Flavor Variations Between the Americas, Africa, and Asia

Most wine lovers know what their palate enjoys, whether it be dry, sweet, full bodied, or delicate. They have favorite countries of origin and can already taste the profiled nuances just by reading the label. Coffee enthusiasts are the same, as different beans grown in different regions produce specific flavor profiles. Here's an overview of the flavors you'll find in coffees from the Americas, Africa, and Asia. More

What Is Your Idea of the Perfect Cappuccino?

A thick velvety pillow of microfoam with no visible grain is the perfect avenue for accentuating the most sweetness in espresso. This texture folds effortlessly when joining with the espresso creating a taste and tactile sensation. When teaching the techniques of milk texturizing, I always refer to the end product swirling in the pitcher to resemble a fresh can of white paint; thick, glossy and bubble free. More

Bringing Coffee to Grand Cayman by Training Four Baristas in Two Weeks

Artisan coffee has flown south and landed on the beautiful shores of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. The Brasserie Market, a streamlined café geared towards the expat business people of the island's capital George Town, happily welcomed Barrington Coffee (BCRC) to its new home away from home. Barrington, located in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, is a true independent roaster consisting of eight employees and has been passionately roasting coffee since 1993. Owner of The Brasserie Market, Lisa Flowers, hired me to train her staff and act as her official consultant on anything coffee. More

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