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Marmalade Meets the Cocktail Shaker

Paul Clarke 8 comments

As Derek Brown wrote last week for The Atlantic, "always use fresh fruit" is a maxim of contemporary mixology, but marmalade and other fruit preserves can bring rich complexity to a drink. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Infused Booze

Paul Clarke 18 comments

The practice of flavoring liquor (by soaking stuff in it) is almost as old as the art of distilling, but as Frank Bruni noted recently in the New York Times, the current prevalence of infused booze is at an all-time high. Vodka infused with lemon peel or bourbon with vanilla beans, anyone? More

Bachelor's Jam: Preserving Fresh Summer Fruits with Booze

Paul Clarke 22 comments

You can always preserve summer's flavors with mixtures of sugar, salt or vinegar, but for another way to enjoy the season's strawberries, cherries, and peaches during the colder months of the year, try that other venerable food preservative and flavor enhancer: liquor. Bachelor's Jam, which involves the use of that powerful preservative and flavor enhancer, liquor. Bachelor's jam is basically a boozy form of preserves, also called "officer's jam," that combines fresh fruit, sugar, and ample measure of strong spirits. More

First Look at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans

Paul Clarke 2 comments

It may still be early in the week for some, but the cocktail community has been running on a 24-hour schedule since Monday night. This week, the annual Tales of the Cocktail event takes place in New Orleans, and while today is the official opening day, many people (myself included) came to town and got started early. More

Does the New Bourbon from Maker's Mark Live Up to All the Hype?

Paul Clarke 11 comments

After months of preparation, Maker's Mark introduced its new bourbon, Maker's '46', starting last week. Innovation is hard to come by in the bourbon world, and it often comes at a steep price. With its emphasis on wide distribution and a wallet-friendly price, Maker's '46' aims to change that situation—but is the whiskey worth seeking out? We tried it. More

Craft-Distilled Whiskies Start to Catch On

Paul Clarke 17 comments

Until recently, the only choices for an American-whiskey drinker were bourbon, rye or Tennessee whiskey. With the growth of a craft-distilling movement, new styles of whiskey are beginning to emerge, and the profile of American whiskey is starting to look somewhat different from before. More

Bold Flavors Having a Big Moment in Cocktail World

Paul Clarke 11 comments

Big, bold flavors are becoming popular throughout the food world. This move away from the blandness that has defined the American palate for decades is similarly true in the world of drinks, where bartenders are using the robust flavors of spirits such as whiskey, mescal and Italian amari to a remarkable degree. More

How to Make Pitcher Drinks Tastier, Less Diluted

Paul Clarke 15 comments

Pitcher drinks have a lot of appeal during the warmer months, but many recipes suffer from an excess of ingredients, or grow watery and insipid quickly. In today's Washington Post, Jason Wilson touches on a couple of points that can ensure pitcher-drink success. For example, the smaller the ice pieces, the more rapidly they'll dilute the drink generally speaking. Some dilution is desired, of course, but it's a fine line between "just right" and "too much." More

Watch Out Scotland and Kentucky: Make Room for Asian Whisky

Paul Clarke 9 comments

Until recently, discussions of whisk(e)y largely centered on the spirits from two places: Scotland and Kentucky. Now, with Japanese whiskies expanding their U.S. distribution, and with a whisky from India now on the market, the whisky landscape is changing. More

Cocktail Mathematics: Creating New Drinks Through Simple Substitution

Paul Clarke 5 comments

If much of cooking belongs to the arts, and baking to the sciences, the craft of mixing drinks has a strong tie to mathematics. Swapping out bourbon for rum in a drink or substituting one liqueur for another is an easy way to expand one's mixological repertoire—but be sure to swap equals for equals to guarantee a successful result. More

Blanco and Joven: Unaged Tequilas That Are Worth Drinking

Paul Clarke 2 comments

Unlike spirits such as brandy or whiskey, tequila has commonly been sold in an unaged or minimally aged form. These blanco and joven tequilas, typically relegated to margaritas, are worth discovering on their own. More

Sazerac Releases Vintage Replica of the Original Herbsaint Recipe

Paul Clarke 1 comment

Herbsaint digs out its 1930s recipe and releases a vintage replica of the longtime New Orleans favorite. It has a more gentle, floral anise flavor mixed with an herbaceous complexity and bottled at 100 proof, it's pretty potent stuff. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Have You Been Drinking Cheaper Booze?

Paul Clarke 35 comments

While these figures underscore the old adage about how people drink more during hard times, the numbers show they also drink cheaper. Overall liquor sales rose by almost 1.5 percent in 2009 (a slowdown from previous years), but revenues remained relatively stagnant as drinkers turned to cheaper brands. More

Maker's Mark Announces a New Bourbon

Paul Clarke 14 comments

"If the new Maker's Mark bourbon is a success, it may prompt other American distillers to release more 'what-if' experiments." [Flickr: drp] Dedicated fans of American whiskey received some interesting news last week. As reported on What Does John Know?... More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Eggs (Whites and Yolks) in Cocktails

Paul Clarke 7 comments

Eggs can perform several functions in a drink. The foam can form a cushiony surface for a drink, perfect for bearing an aromatic ingredient such as a few dashes of bitters atop a Pisco Sour, or an elegant-looking buffer for the sharper flavors of citrus and spirits in drinks such as the Clover Club. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Is the Customer Always Right?

Paul Clarke 70 comments

The dustup comes down to this: many customers wouldn't even dream of walking into a white-tablecloth restaurant and ordering something safe and pedestrian off-menu—such as a hot dog or cheeseburger—but the same customers might venture into a bar with a creative cocktail menu and order a Jack and Coke. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Trends to Watch for in 2010

Paul Clarke 13 comments

Based on what's been happening as the aught decade (did we ever settle on what to call that?) draws to a close, here are six trends we might see in the next decade. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Adding Spice

Paul Clarke 11 comments

We could all use a little warmth this time of year, but sometimes a hot, steaming cup of something just isn't what you're looking for. As Jason Wilson detailed in last week's Washington Post, when a drink can use a little fire but you don't want to dispense with the ice, it's time to reach for the chilis that can push your liquor into Scoville unit territory. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Barrels and Booze

Paul Clarke 2 comments

In the world of spirits, age and the maturation process are major factors in the character of spirits such as whiskies, brandies, and rum, and longer-aged and creatively matured spirits are becoming a more common sight on liquor store shelves. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: How to Make Quince Brandy

Paul Clarke 4 comments

Even after almost a full year of soaking in cognac, the quince pieces were still firm and crisp, and after straining the liquid off the fruit and spice, I took a taste and was floored: this stuff is amazing. More

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