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Where to Drink Coffee in NYC: The Creme de la Crema in Brooklyn and Queens

Coffee Liz Clayton 8 comments

Here are our very favorite coffee establishments in Brooklyn and Queens. More

Hangover Helper: Turkish Eggs and Eggplant at Grill 43 in Sunnyside, Queens

Hangover Helper Max Falkowitz 3 comments

The Turks know what breakfast is all about, food that's nourishing and comforting but all about getting your day started right. So these days I haul myself on the 7 train to Sunnyside, Queens, home to Grill 43. More

Where to Drink Cocktails in Astoria and Long Island City, Queens

Where to Drink: New York Max Falkowitz 4 comments

Astoria and Long Island City are by and large not cocktail destinations. But amid all the vodka and neon mixers, there are a few places where you can get a genuine mixed drink. More

Where to Drink Beer Outdoors in Queens, NY

Where to Drink: New York Jonathan Moxey 1 comment

Summer days may be waning, but there's still plenty of excellent weather ahead to embrace while you enjoy a few pints outdoors—in fact, this might be the perfect time to head to a beer garden. Here are our favorite spots to enjoy craft beer outdoors in Queens. More

Fang Gourmet Tea in Flushing, Queens: Where $12 Buys You a First Class Tea Ceremony

Where to Drink: New York Max Falkowitz 3 comments

$12 can buy you an afternoon-long tasting of some world class Chinese and Taiwanese tea in Flushing, Queens—tea that's brewed by experts with years of experience and monastic dedication. Tea that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars a pound for the privilege of a sip. More

Hangover Helper: Burek at Djerdan in Astoria, Queens

Hangover Helper Max Falkowitz 10 comments

You could spend months of hungover mornings sampling the burek offerings of Queens, which hail from Turkey, the Balkans, and beyond, but Djerdan's should be on your short list. Their traditional Bosnian burek are made with yufka, a flatbread of Turkish extraction layered like phyllo but with more satisfying heft. Your choice of fillings—meat and potato, spinach and farmer's cheese, or farmer's cheese alone—are pleasantly direct, unmarred by dalliances that would overwhelm the crackly crisp pastry. More

Where We Steep: Yun Xiang Tea Shop, Queens

Where to Drink: New York Liz Clayton 1 comment

The cheek-to-jowl streets of Flushing, Queens may not seem like the place to find a serene idyll, but slipping into a cup of tea—especially with the right guide—can be just that. Herself raised in the Anxi region of China where Tieguanyin (or "Iron Goddess of Mercy") oolong tea originates, storekeeper Sue is excited to guide visitors through the process of gong-fu oolong preparation, offering as much depth in her knowledge as exists in the flavors of the tea itself. More

Coffee Chronicles: Queens Gets Even Sweeter with Sweetleaf

Where to Drink: New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

If New York City is truly in the throes of birthing a coffee revolution, it's going to be impossible to do so without true five-borough penetration. Sweetleaf Coffee in Long Island City, Queens, joins the neighborhood's trendy upswing by raising its own game: now a place of bigger, better beauty in which to savor the borough's best coffees. More

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