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Verdelho: The Last Wine I Ever Loved

Adventures with Weird Wine Grapes Stevie Stacionis 4 comments

Unlike any other wine in the world, Madeira will remain virtually unchanged from the time you open the bottle until the time days, weeks, months, years later when you decide to finish it. This is a long-term relationship. More

The Serious Eats Guide to Port

Meg Houston Maker 12 comments

Holiday foods are about spice and berries, nuts and chocolate, roasts and cheeses, caramel, ginger and jam. There's one wine that pairs with all of it, and that wine is port. More

Rabigato: Fresh, Dry White Wine from the Land of Port

Adventures with Weird Wine Grapes Stevie Stacionis 2 comments

It's HOT in the Douro. So temperature control in wineries and the wine tanks themselves makes a huge difference here: cool, fresh grapes are much more capable of making cool, fresh wines. More

Wine Survival Guide: Summer Barbecues

Deb Harkness Post a comment

When I head to the store for summer wines, I keep "GRPS" (grapes without the vowels) in mind. It stands for Grenache, Rosé, Portugal/Spain, and Sauvignon Blanc, and these wine categories open up a world of tasty new options for summer get-togethers. More

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