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First Look: New Old Classics at Interurban Tavern, Portland, OR

Where to Drink: Portland Jordan Michelman 1 comment

You will find no wild infusions at Interurban, a brand new bar in the sleepily trendy Mississippi neighborhood of north Portland; there is no dry ice, no fat transduction, and nary a tincture on display. Call it "back to basics" if you like, though that's somewhat disingenuous; there's nothing "basic" about a well-made cocktail. More

From Behind the Bar: On Bellwether Cocktails

From Behind the Bar Michael J. Neff 12 comments

The Old Fashioned is close to my heart; the simplicity of the recipe belies the difficulty of making it correctly. It falls in to a category I've taken to calling "bellwether cocktails": cocktails that highlight the strengths and flaws of the bartenders making them. More

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