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Join The Caffeine Crawl: Oklahoma City, OK

Coffee Meister 1 comment

How much caffeine would it take you make you have to crawl back home? Oklahoma City residents are about to get a chance to find out, with the city's first official, organized Caffeine Crawl on February 16. More

Coffee in Oklahoma City, OK: Elemental Coffee Roasters

Coffee Meister 3 comments

If you think the pan-shaped state is all Sonic drive-ins and Dr Pepper, allow us to introduce you to the brains behind some quality beans, deep in America's Heartland: Elemental Coffee Roasters. More

Coffee Traditions: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Meister 7 comments

Coffee comes with its share of mystical, often even whimsical origin stories ("Didja hear the one about the goatherd whose livestock took to dancing after chomping on some potent little red berries?"), but you don't need a book of fables to get a taste of the stuff's history. Especially if you ever get a chance to witness (and drink the fruits of) an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. More

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