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First Look: New Cocktails at Fatty 'Cue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

First Look Maryse Chevriere Post a comment

"The whole idea behind the program was to create drinks that would complement the food but also drink well on their own," explains Phil Ward, the brains behind the revamped cocktails at the recently reopened Fatty 'Cue in Williamsburg. Which is to say that all those things one looks for in good barbecue—smoke, spice, acidity, and yes, even meat—have made their way on to the new cocktail menu here. More

First Look: All of the Cocktails at Pearl & Ash, NYC

First Look Maryse Chevriere Post a comment

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. At the freshly opened Bowery restaurant Pearl & Ash, the need was for a list of cocktails that fit within the constraints of the space's wine and beer license. Their creative solution? A collection of mixed drinks that feature beer and fortified wines like sherry, port, and vermouth as the base ingredient. More

5 Fabulous Fall Cocktail Recipes from Gramercy Tavern in NYC

Recipe Roundups Maryse Chevriere Post a comment

Think fall cocktails and almost instinctively visions of apples and pears, cinnamon and nutmeg, bourbon and rye come rushing in. At Danny Meyer's landmark dining institution, Gramercy Tavern, such seasonal expectations are met with a lineup of drinks that breathe new life into familiar flavors. Here are 5 recipes so you can mix them up at home. More

Now Brewing: Bowery Coffee, NYC

Coffee Liz Clayton Post a comment

Espresso is the main attraction here (beyond the government-issued institutional clock, the crazy railway station lights, the cast iron bolt-turned-lid-carousel, and the cream station salvaged from a Lehman Bros. jewelry studio, that is)—drip is on offer via urn brewer, with plans to introduce a pourover menu to the newborn cafe as soon as staff are ready. (Early visions of roasting their own are, too, on hold until taking on another giant project seems practical.) More

Greening the Bar

Paul Clarke 1 comment

When it comes to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, the consumption of spirits & cocktails is a definite bump in the road. But there are a few bars and bartenders who are trying to step lightly when wielding the cocktail shaker. More

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