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6 Wine-Based Cocktails for Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day brunch requires a little something to toast your mom with. When I was growing up we went to the same standard-issue hotel brunch buffet every Mom's day, and she always had a mimosa (while we drank sparkling cider from flutes). But why not get a little more creative this Mother's Day? Here are six cocktails that are wine or sparkling wine-based and totally day-drinkable, but just a little more creative than that bellini or sangria. More

8 Floral Drinks for Mother's Day

I always get my mom flowers on Mother's Day; predictable, I know, but my mom's an avid gardner and flower arranger and loves a beautiful bouquet the way I'd love, I don't know, a selection of great cheeses. And thinking about flowers and mothers, I bet my mom would love one of these eight floral cocktails: some made with rosewater, some lavender, some elderflower liqueur. They're all light and refreshing enough to kick off a brunch or to sip on the porch before an early dinner. More

5 Brunch Drinks for Mother's Day

Let's raise a glass to our mothers this Sunday. Here are five drinks for Mother's Day brunch that are delicious with waffles, frittatas, scones, and the eggs-in-circles your mother taught you to make. We've included a few cocktails and some non-alcoholic options in case Mom isn't ready to hit the booze early. More

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