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First Look: New Drinks at Empellón Cocina, NYC

The spirit of Alex Stupak's Empellón Taqueria and Empellón Cocina is one of invention, but heavily steeped in the traditions of Mexican cuisine. It's little surprise, then, that the bar program, run by Mat Resler, is the same way—with creative agave-based cocktails that express the full range of mezcal and tequila, be they fruity or peppery, grassy or smoky. Come check out six of Resler's new drinks. More

Where to Drink Beer Outside in Manhattan

Most outdoor drinking in Manhattan entails squeezing into however many two-person tables the bar or restaurant could squeeze into their sidewalk space. That's all fine and good, but the beauty of drinking beer outside is being able to stretch out and relax. It's a tall order in a borough where square footage comes at the highest premium, but it can be done. Trust us, we're professionals. More

Where to Drink Coffee in Midtown Manhattan, 2011 Edition

Just because you only have the time to walk five short blocks for lunch or coffee shouldn't leave Midtownites stranded, and though it's a part of Gotham slow to embrace, say, a lengthy Chemex brew, it shouldn't be so hard to find a great cup of carefully crafted, thoughtfully sourced, beautifully roasted coffee in the heart of Midtown New York City, right? Well...maybe. We'll let the economy catch up for a bit and cross our fingers for a flood of newcomers in months and years to come (we're looking at you, future Blue Bottle Rockefeller Center) and in the meantime point out a few truly great oases in a blighted landscape of chains and delis. More

Chicago Cocktails: How to Make Big Star's High Time Manhattan

In some ways, the High Time Manhattan has no business being a Big Star cocktail. Ben Fasman, the whiskey-wise bar manager who created it, will freely cop to as much. Big Star, you see, draws inspiration from the shot-and-a-beer honky-tonks that grew up around the Bakersfield Sound of late-1930s California. Tacos fill the menu, and $1 suds issue from the taps. The High Time Manhattan, on the other hand—with near-equal parts Amaro Averna, from Sicily, and Carpano Antica Formula red vermouth, from Turinmdash;sounds far more spaghetti than western. More

Hot Drinks, NY: Latte Bahia at O Cafe

The corner spot of 6th Avenue and 12th Street that once held Joe Jr.'s Restaurant is now O Cafe, a Brazilian coffee shop. I stop by for the Latte Bahia ($4.50), named after a northeastern state in Brazil. Here dark chocolate meets a shot of espresso and steamed milk for a heady, full-bodied latte. More

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