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Destination-Worthy Milkshake: Licorice Shake at Hamborgarafabrikkan in Reykjavík, Iceland

Liz Clayton 8 comments

If there's a Scandinavian sweet to write home about, it's licorice—and while you'll easily find it enrobed in chocolate, caramel, marzipan and more, even my wildest dairy fantasies had not yet imagined it in milkshake format. Until now. More

Where to Drink Coffee in Reykjavík

Coffee Liz Clayton 3 comments

A city that's dark as much as Reykjavík may find it needs a little extra shove in the morning some of the year—luckily for Icelanders and the visitors they host, a good cup of coffee is never far away in the capital city. Whether it's in a museum, a bookstore or on an unmarked neighborhood corner, the progressive coffee ideals of Scandinavia encircle Iceland as well as a place to rely on a more enlightened cup—even at the chain stores. More

Icelandic Beer: Vikings, Prohibition, and Rebirth

Lisa Grimm 1 comment

Although Iceland's early Viking (and Irish) inhabitants were known to enjoy a flagon or two of beer and mead, their descendants were not as fortunate—at least for a time. Despite a lot of practice (Iceland has had a parliamentary system since the year 930), the electorate still sometimes got things wrong. In 1908, a referendum to ban all alcohol passed, and the country went dry, beginning in 1915. Beer was not made legal again until 1989. More

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