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A Coffee Makeover Makes Mornings Magical

Jay Friedman 15 comments

Now that a corner of my kitchen looks like a mini-barista station, the quality of my coffee has improved immensely. I'm enjoying a growing appreciation for the richness of coffee, and the richness of a new meditative ritual that grounds (get it?) me in my life. More

Back to the Grind: 5 Great Coffee Grinders

Coffee Liz Clayton 21 comments

If there's one obstacle between you and your coffee it's how to get beans dissolved into water, and without a coffee grinder on your side, you're going to lose the battle. Though there are a lot of lazy-man's-beliefs about what's suitable for home coffee brewing, there's one essential truth: grinding fresh, and grinding in a good coffee grinder, is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to make your good coffee taste great. More

Coffee Chronicles, NYC: Changes Already at Kava Cafe

Where to Drink: New York Liz Clayton 1 comment

Just steps from where the High Line takes flight, well-heeled Washington Street has itself a coffee shop apart from the others. Though the shop originally used Stumptown beans, they've already changed the game to surprising Annapolis, MD roaster Caffe Pronto. More

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