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How to Make Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Meister 24 comments

You don't need any special equipment to make the life-restoring, heat-battling, cold-brew iced coffee everybody's talking about. Just coffee, water, a couple containers, a filter—and about 12 hours of patience. More

Salty Coffee?

Erin Zimmer 8 comments

Salt reduces the bitterness in coffee, but only in moderation of course. That second pinch might turn it into a salt lick. Jacob Grier of the blog Liquidity Preference gave it a try and while he doesn't actually recommend doing it on a regular basis, "if you're stuck drinking acrid brew at the airport at 5 a.m., then maybe this salt trick could come in handy." Perhaps french fries should start doubling as coffee stirrers? More

Barista in the Wild, Part 4: A Relationship With Espresso

Allison Hemler 4 comments

Espresso is not all art and perfection. It can be hellish and frustrating when shots change speed at the drop of the hat, causing that delicious dark crema to turn to watery dirt with no warning. It's all part of the relationship with the manual espresso machine. More

Barista In The Wild, Part 3: Working Toward Coffee Sustainability

Allison Hemler 4 comments

As the second most traded commodity in the world after oil, coffee has acquired more frequent flier miles than any of your produce could hope for. In fact, more coffee enters the United States than any other food product. More

Barista in the Wild, Part 2: Roasting to Perfection

Allison Hemler 4 comments

Roasting brings out the best flavors in coffee beans. To roast a coffee bean to perfection is the aim of any roaster with half a brain--and a heart. More

Barista in the Wild, Part 1: Coffee Bean Origins

Allison Hemler 3 comments

I've been so wrapped up in the glamorous life of latte art and timing my espresso shots that I forgot to spend more time with how my precious beans are born. More

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