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Where to Stop for Coffee While Holiday Shopping in NYC

Coffee Liz Clayton Post a comment

There's nothing quite like the agonizing pleasure of shopping to make a cup of coffee sound that much more wonderful, or even like the only thing left that could possibly keep you alive. Rather than settling for the nearest chain-store swill (and bumping seasonal gift totes with all the sheeplike masses), why not search out one of the city's finer coffee establishments to break for that most appreciated cup of quality coffee, espresso, tea, or hot chocolate? Here are a few of our top recommendations, by district. More

The Greatest Coffees of 2011

Coffee Liz Clayton 4 comments

2011 went like most years: full of busy coffee travels, from Grand Rapids to Vancouver to Copenhagen, and like most great things, each moment went by just a little too fast. In the world of coffee, where each coffee changes crop to crop, roast to roast, brew to brew, remembering your favorite moments of the year can be hard—these drinks aren't (well, not in most cases) something you can bottle and enjoy in exactly the same way again and again and again. But maybe that makes those most delicious cups all that much more special? Here are some—though certainly not all—of the best cups of coffee we sipped in 2011. More

Craft Coffee Subscriptions: Artisanal Bean Samplers To Your Door

Coffee Liz Clayton 1 comment

One of coffee's finest simple pleasures is the act of having someone make you a cup of it. Though Craft Coffee—a New York startup offering subscriptions of specialty microroasted coffee delivered to your home, won't actually come over and brew it for you—what they're doing is almost as good. More

Four Awesome Kenyan Coffees To Seek Out Right Now

Liz Clayton 4 comments

As spring blushes into summer, the emergence of lush, almost enthusiastically flavorful Kenyan coffees has come upon us courtesy of some of North America's finest roasters. We've rounded up four of the very best of these—all hailing from the fruitful Nyeri region of Kenya—plus a bonus coffee from Burundi for good measure. More

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