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Memories Lounge in Sarasota, FL is a Dive Bar to Remember

Jamie Feldmar 8 comments

I love a dive bar. Can't help myself; I just do. I've picked my poison in dive bars all over the world, each one special in their own way, but my very favorite dive is Memories Lounge in Sarasota, Florida, a gem of an establishment physically adjacent to a liquor store in a strip mall near the airport. More

3 New Florida Breweries You Should Know

Clare Goggin Sivits 6 comments

Florida has a young craft brewing history, only dating back to 1996, but the brewing culture continues to grow. Here are 3 new breweries to seek out. More

New Brewery: Due South Brewing Company, Boynton Beach, Florida

Win Bassett Post a comment

Due South Brewing Company all started with a guy wanting to make a sulfite-free wine for his wife, who is allergic to the preservative. Mike Halker didn't even like beer, but a homebrew and winemaking supply store employee convinced him to take a few bottles of Samuel Adams Boston Lager instead of a winemaking kit. More

Happy Hour, Miami: Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

Meredith Smith Post a comment

The concept at Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill is built into the name. What isn't necessarily implied is that the majority of the dishes fall under the tapas umbrella. And nothing says happy hour like tapas. Tapas were, after all, Spain's brilliant answer to "how can you keep bar patrons sober enough to keep drinking longer?" More

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