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Drink This Now: Pestle Tea

Where to Drink: New York Max Falkowitz 3 comments

You don't see pestle tea too often. To start, the best ones are ground by hand in a stone mortar, and turning a handful of nuts and seeds into a smooth paste takes a good twenty minutes of studious grinding—by hand. But the result is well worth it: the kind of drink that nourishes you like the best oatmeal, and a ritualistic experience that, if I had an extra half hour every day, would become a required part of my morning routine. More

Fang Gourmet Tea in Flushing, Queens: Where $12 Buys You a First Class Tea Ceremony

Where to Drink: New York Max Falkowitz 3 comments

$12 can buy you an afternoon-long tasting of some world class Chinese and Taiwanese tea in Flushing, Queens—tea that's brewed by experts with years of experience and monastic dedication. Tea that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars a pound for the privilege of a sip. More

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