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Revamping Rum and Coke With Kola Nuts at Betony, NYC

Where to Drink: New York Roger Kamholz Post a comment

Not long ago, Betony got in an order of fresh kola nuts, which, to be exact, isn't a nut at all; it's a podded fruit borne of the kola tree, an evergreen plant found in the tropics of Africa. Kola nuts have long been prized thanks to their natural caffeine content, and the earliest cola-style soft drinks included kola nut as a main ingredient. More

First Look: Cocktails at Betony, NYC

First Look Maryse Chevriere 1 comment

Having spent the last few years of his professional career in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn—his resume includes Eleven Madison Park, Atera, and most recently, Aska—Midtown is more or less uncharted waters for Eamon Rockey. While the general theme at Betony is "classics with a delicate twist," that's not to say there aren't some progressive (read: geeky) touches on the menu. More

First Look: All of the Cocktails at Aska in Brooklyn

First Look Maryse Chevriere Post a comment

No one could ever accuse Eamon Rockey, general manager and partner in Williamsburg's Aska, of not being a patient man. Of the eight signature cocktails he's created for the just-opened modern Scandinavian concept, not one is without an ingredient that requires some sort of time-consuming infusion, fermentation, or extraction process. More

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