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How to Make a Perfect Mint Julep

Don't be a slouch. A proper julep is a beautiful thing, but you can't be lazy. A bottled premix isn't the way to go here. Today, I give you three and a half tips for a proper julep, but first, as a refresher course, let's review the basic procedure. More

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Early Times Mint Julep

One thing that will be different is that I'll finally get to drink a real mint julep. Yup, I'm a bourbon-loving, track-going, Kentuckian-befriending booze columnist who's never had a proper mint julep. Look, I'd be all for drinking mint and complication if someone else wanted to do the herb gathering and ice shaving, but no one in my life ever has. The people who make Early Times Kentucky Whisky make a premixed facsimile, though, and the people who market it sent me a bottle. Close enough? More

What Are the Best Drinks to Mix with Bourbon?

Many classic cocktail recipes call for the drier character of rye whiskey instead of the softer, sweeter flavor of bourbon. But bourbon is delicious! Used judiciously, bourbon can offer an excellent cocktail experience. Here are a few suggestions for selecting bourbons, what drinks to make with them, and why proof matters. More

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