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11 Combinations You Can Make from the Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine

Carey Jones and John Edwards 16 comments

We're still a little bit obsessed with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine... even after we tried all 100+ flavors. You know what the real fun is? Creating combinations. Nope, 127 flavors isn't enough for us; we want the mixing to begin. But since trying all 8001 hypothetical two-soda combinations from the Freestyle machine seems daunting even for us, we're just sharing a few of our favorites. More

Soda: We Try All 127 Flavors from the Coke Freestyle Machine

Carey Jones and John Edwards 75 comments

Have you seen the Coca-Cola "Freestyle" soda fountain yet? It's a pretty remarkable thing. Instead of levers for different sodas, you've got a touchscreen, slick as an iPad, that lets you choose from more than a hundred options. If you're a Serious Eats reader, you probably know what's coming next. We had to try them all. More

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