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6 Québécois Breweries You Should Know

Heather Vandenengel 4 comments

Today there are more than 70 breweries in Quebec. Here are six great ones to seek out. More

Where to Drink Beer in Montreal

Heather Vandenengel 6 comments

Montreal is a brewpub town, and a very good one at that. Here are 7 of our favorite beer-drinking destinations. More

Coffee Methods: Reasons to Love a Longer Espresso Shot

Coffee Liz Clayton 2 comments

For those who've even heard of it on American shores, the Caffe Allongé is, to many, much-maligned. And that's no surprise: US specialty coffee trends have definitively shifted towards the short shot—ristretto, or restricted, espresso pulls that draw a small amount of concentrated espresso with intense flavor. The allongé is considered strange, at best, by those who've embraced the ristretto trend. But to make a short story long...there's more to the allongé than a style mysteriously popular in Quebec. More

6 Unusual Beers From 'Bières et Flavours' Festival in Chambly, Quebec

Event Recaps Corin Hirsch Post a comment

At the end of every summer, thousands of Quebecois flock to Chambly, about 20 minutes outside of Montreal, for the outdoor "Bières et Saveurs" (or "Beer and Flavors") festival alongside the Richilieu River. For four days, the idyllic grounds surrounding the 18th-century Fort Chambly become a miniature city of tents, taps, spits, and stages, with over 70 breweries decanting some of the province's most inventive artisanal brews. More

Serious Reads: John Schreiner's BC Coastal Wine Tour Guide

Book Reviews Anne Zimmerman Post a comment

On a recent trip to British Columbia, I carried John Schreiner's BC Coastal Wine Tour Guide. What better way to review a book for Serious Eats: Drinks than to put it to the test? We were two thirsty travelers in search of inspiration and knowledge. Could Schreiner help us? More

Tales of the Cocktail Takes the Show to Canada

Paul Clarke 1 comment

Last week the organizers and sponsors of Tales of the Cocktail brought this signature New Orleans event to Vancouver, B.C. How did the event function in another, less notoriously party-hearty city? Did it translate into Canadian? After spending several days in Vancouver for before-and-after celebrations, as well as for the main event on Monday, I can say with a little surprise that the answer is "mostly yes." More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Where to Drink in Vancouver

Paul Clarke 5 comments

Vancouver also has a craft-cocktail scene that is just now reaching critical mass, and the city now has a number of places where you can find ambitious, creative drinks unlike those found anywhere else in the world. More

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