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Boulevard's Brewmaster Steven Pauwels on the Future of Craft Beer

A Pint With Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

We asked Steven Pauwels about how he got his start, how things have changed since Boulevard's acquisition by Duvel Moortgat, and where he thinks the beer industry is going next. More

Snapshots from Dinner with Sierra Nevada and Boulevard Brewing at Abbot's Cellar, San Francisco

Event Recaps Lauren Sloss Post a comment

The dinner showcased new releases from Sierra Nevada Brewery and Boulevard Brewing Co., including Terra Incognita, a collaboration between the two breweries, paired with specially-designed dishes from Chef Adam Dulye. More

3 Irish Red Ales You Need to Try This St. Patrick's Day

Beer Reviews Sean M. Buchan 3 comments

These Irish Red Ales would be a great addition to any St. Patty's Day party—just don't try to add green food coloring. More

On the Beer Trail: Boulevard Chocolate Ale in Missouri

On the Beer Trail Ethan Fixell 8 comments

The legend of Boulevard Brewing's Chocolate Ale haunts Kansas City like that of Nessie or Bigfoot: Nearly everyone I spoke to had either tasted the beer months ago or at least knew someone who tried it, yet every bar was out of it or never carried it in the first place. Bartenders and barflies alike seemed to speak of this "holy grail" in hushed, reverent tones—as if the beer's existence could be shattered by the mere utterance of its name. More

Two Big Bottles: Boulevard Collaboration No. 2 and Deschutes Conflux No. 2

One Big Bottle Jonathan Moxey Post a comment

When Deschutes brewmaster Larry Sidor and Boulevard brewmaster Steven Pauwels decided to collaborate, they harnessed their breweries' respective strengths and created two beers from the same recipe. Combining Deschutes' deft hand on the hoppy side and Boulevard's talent with all things wheat, the collaboration colors outside the style lines. It's one part Belgian Witbier, one part American IPA, a fistful of white sage, a bit of lemongrass, and voilĂ ! White IPA. But despite starting on the same page, the two beers are quite different. More

Serious Beer: American Saisons

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 10 comments

Of the 17 American-brewed Saisons we tried, some were malt-focused, others spiced, some herbed, funked, hopped up, and some were all of the above. The best Saisons we tried were dry, highly carbonated, and had a balanced bitterness. More

Serious Beer: Belgian Dark Strong Ales from American Breweries

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 9 comments

There are few beers as substantial—and full of such deep, complex flavors and aromas—as Belgian Dark Strong Ales. These beers aren't to be approached lightly. The first sip demands your full attention, though subsequent sips may cause you to lose your train of thought completely. More

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