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Coffee Drinks: Yuangyang, Hong Kong Coffee-Tea

Coffee Meister 11 comments

A marriage of coffee and tea (with a fair amount of milk for good measure), this East-West bev pretty concisely captures the ever-expanding hold that coffee culture has on pockets of China, Japan, Korea, and the surrounding areas. Named for a species of duck where a colorful male and blandish beige female, yuangyang is a mixture of light milk tea—strong-brewed black tea cut with copious amounts of cold milk—and thick, black iced coffee—kind of the Hong Kong version of an Arnold Palmer. More

Watch Out Scotland and Kentucky: Make Room for Asian Whisky

Paul Clarke 9 comments

Until recently, discussions of whisk(e)y largely centered on the spirits from two places: Scotland and Kentucky. Now, with Japanese whiskies expanding their U.S. distribution, and with a whisky from India now on the market, the whisky landscape is changing. More

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