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12 Delicious Zinfandels to Drink This November

I have trouble keeping track if zinfandel is terribly uncool or totally hip again, and honestly, it doesn't really matter that much either way. It's a wine that many folks reach for when Thanksgiving comes around, and a good juicy zin can be delicious alongside turkey with the works. We tasted through a wide range of zinfandels to choose a dozen winners for your holiday table. More

Our Search for the Best Zinfandel Under $20

My love story with Zinfandel started at a small winery in Healdsburg, California called A. Rafanelli. Their Zins are ripe, slightly spicy, and just plain delicious. The only problem was that I lived in New York, and so I've had to put a lot of effort into this long distance relationship. My first trip there, I took back 2 bottles, the next 4, and before I knew it, I was sacrificing extra underwear in my suitcase to make space for all the wine. (Totally kidding...underwear is one of the best shock absorbers to prevent breakage during transit.) More

The Best Wine For Thanksgiving: Zinfandel

I once believed that people drank Zinfandel at Thanksgiving just for its theoretical charm; though it didn't originate here, it's often touted as the 'All-American' grape because it's such a popular varietal to grow in California. Zin's berrylicious flavor is approachable and its rich, glycerin-like texture is attractive to New World-winelovers who like big, luscious wines. More

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