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Homebrewing: American Wheat Ale

It's the perfect time to brew light, refreshing beers. The American Wheat ale fits this bill perfectly with its hop crispness, smooth texture and moderate alcohol content. The hazy yellow color and thick white head makes American Wheat beers appear similar to their European counterparts, but the banana and clove characteristics are replaced with citrusy hop aromas and flavors. If you're looking for a homebrew that pairs with sunshine, backyard picnics and dinner on the porch, this style is the best place to start. More

Serious Beer: Summer Seasonals

We rounded up 24 specially-released-for-summer beers, but more are showing up in the stores every day. The best of the bunch are refreshing, flavorful and fun. Good summer beers aren't just light beers to keep you company while you're mowing the lawn; they're food-friendly options to pair with curry and sushi, barbecue and burritos. More

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