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Ask a Cicerone: The Best Wheat Beers

Ask a Cicerone Maggie Hoffman 21 comments

Consider this your wheat-beer bucket list. More

Serious Beer: Hefeweizen from Germany

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman 24 comments

Hefeweizen is a wheat beer, but for lovers of serious beer, what makes it exciting is the yeast. (Hefe actually means yeast in German, so this shouldn't be a huge surprise.) The special ale yeasts that are used to make traditional German Hefeweizen produce crazy flavors and aromas during fermentation—you can taste cloves and banana, spice and smoke, even traces of vanilla and bubblegum. More

Serious Beer: Summer Seasonals

Maggie Hoffman 34 comments

We rounded up 24 specially-released-for-summer beers, but more are showing up in the stores every day. The best of the bunch are refreshing, flavorful and fun. Good summer beers aren't just light beers to keep you company while you're mowing the lawn; they're food-friendly options to pair with curry and sushi, barbecue and burritos. More

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