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How to Brew Your Own Belgian Dubbel

Homebrewing Jonathan Moxey Post a comment

A dubbel is a fantastic entry point for those not familiar with Belgian beer and an even better partner for food. It's a malt parade with a restrained bitterness keeping the whole thing in check. More

Two Big Bottles: New Belgium Super Cru and Abbey Grand Cru

One Big Bottle Jonathan Moxey 2 comments

I'm on the record as a Fat Tire fan, and I'll still almost always order it whenever I find myself in a market that carries it. So naturally when I heard that New Belgium Brewing Co. was celebrating its 20-year anniversary by reimagining Fat Tire as part of their Lips of Faith series, I special ordered some as soon as I heard it'd hit shelves. More

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Roast Chicken

Beer Pairings Michael Agnew 3 comments

Roast chicken is such a versatile dish—its sweet and savory flavors may convey subdued elegance, but they're equally at home at a German fast food stand. It's also a versatile companion for beer, pairing with a wide range of styles to fit whatever mood you want to create. More

Serious Beer: Tasting Belgian Dubbels

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

You shouldn't look at a twelve-ounce bottle of Belgian dubbel and think, "For that much money, I could practically get a six pack of my regular beer." It depends on your priorities (and your regular beer), but this week's tasting convinced me that a single goblet of Belgian dubbel is an experience well worth the expense. More

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