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Serious Beer: Washington Amber Ales

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 4 comments

This is the last stop on our amber ale road trip up the West Coast. These amber (and sometimes red) ales are one of the styles the Pacific Northwest is known for, and it's now pretty easy to see why. These amber ales manage to strike a balance between bready, biscuity malt and fragrant, fruity hops. Many great Washington beers don't make it far from their breweries, but we were able to try nine different amber ales from the Evergreen State. More

Serious Beer: 8 Amber Ales from Oregon

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 6 comments

With a couple of exceptions, Oregon amber ales are a mellower and maltier bunch than their California counterparts. The beers are a little less assertive, but the best strike a delicious balance of malt and hops. More

Serious Beer: California Amber Ales

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 7 comments

Amber ale is pale ale's easy drinking yet slightly beefier big brother. These beers have a fuller body with a rich caramel malt profile. We tried thirteen of California's amber ales—do you have a favorite? More

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