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Show and Tell: Your Favorite Cocktail Glasses

Show and Tell Rabi Abonour 8 comments

We're suckers for good glassware, especially when it's vintage. You all clearly feel the same way, because when we asked to see your favorite cocktail glasses, we received some real gems. More

Show and Tell: Your Latte Art

Show and Tell The Serious Eats Team 4 comments

We knew you could make a rosetta or a tulip with foamed milk on the surface of a cappuccino, but the world of latte art goes way beyond that. We put out a call to see a few of your best latte-art creations, and the answers surprised us. Milk-foam turkeys! A phoenix! Even an elephant! More

Show and Tell: Your Favorite Novelty Mug

Show and Tell The Serious Eats Team 11 comments

Nothing warms our hearts like a hot cup of tea served in a funny (or geeky...or cute...or awkward) mug. And it turns out that we're not the only ones collecting ridiculous coffee drinkware. More

Show and Tell: Your Home Bar

Show and Tell Maggie Hoffman 17 comments

When I requested that all of you guys send us a snapshot of your home bar, I had no idea how awesome those photos would be. We've received photos from Virginia to Toronto to Adelaide, South Australia, and lots of places in between. You've built some pretty impressive bars, and stocked them with some pretty awesome booze collections. (Just for fun, we've included the bars of a few of our staff members, too, and some liquor bloggers and writer-types from around the web.) More

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