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5 Cocktail Recipes That Will Help You Love Mezcal

Recipe Roundups Nick Caruana Post a comment

Often overshadowed by its more popular brother, tequila, mezcal doesn't usually get a fair shot. Maybe it's the smokey flavor that polarizes people, or the association with worms, but this often misunderstood spirit really makes for some great cocktails. More

What to Drink This Weekend: Lime-Free Tequila Cocktails

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

You needn't give up tequila for the weekend just because limes are crazy-expensive. Here are 5 ideas for tequila drinks to make at home that don't call for limes at all. More

Just 1 Bottle: 14 Cocktails to Make With Tequila and a Trip to the Grocery Store

Recipe Roundups The Serious Eats Team 3 comments

These 14 drink recipes don't need Cointreau or Campari, St. Germain, or Green Chartreuse: just one bottle of tequila and a quick trip to the market for fresh supplies like citrus and herbs. More

5 Gin Drinks You Should Make This Spring

Recipe Roundups Nick Caruana 3 comments

It's time to start thinking about drinks that will complement warmer weather. Here are five of my favorite gin cocktails to mix this spring. More

Spiked Coffee Goes Pro: 6 Fantastic Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Recipe Roundups Lizz Schumer 4 comments

We asked a slew of bartenders from around the country about their favorite ways to use coffee in cocktails. After testing them all, we must weigh in: these drinks are gutsy, creative, and most of all, delicious. More

Just 1 Bottle: 15 Cocktails to Make With Gin and a Trip to the Grocery Store

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

If you've got just one bottle of booze, you can still make drinks. Today we'll focus on cocktails you can make with a bottle of gin. You don't need liqueurs, vermouth, or any other spirits. The rest of the ingredients can be gathered at your local grocery store or farmers' market. More

6 Irish Whiskey Cocktail Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We're guessing your St. Patrick's Day memories are like ours...a little hazy. There was that time we tried to visit every single Irish bar in NYC for a pint of Guinness (some of us might have skipped work the next day), and that year when many, many shots of Jameson before dinner seemed like a good idea. (Protip: not really a good idea.) This year, we're thinking of celebrating a little differently—by mixing up some of our favorite Irish whiskey cocktails. More

Escape Endless Winter With a Tropical Drink

Recipe Roundups The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

We're going to drink our way to a tropical place, where the sun beats down, the cocktails have umbrellas, and the pineapples are sweet. Care to join us? More

12 Cocktails to Make at Home for Mardi Gras

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Classic New Orleans cocktail recipes and a few more recent inventions from bartenders in the Big Easy. More

6 Margarita Recipes for National Margarita Day

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

6 recipes to get you started making the best homemade margaritas you've ever had. More

Hate Valentine's Day? 8 Bitter Cocktails to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups Marissa Sertich Velie 1 comment

If your favorite part of Valentine's Day is a conversation heart that says, "Bite Me," try drowning this month's syrupy banter with a bit of (delicious) bitterness. More

17 Cocktails for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Recipe Roundups The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

What makes a cocktail good for Valentine's Day? To start, it should be the sort of thing your loved one loves, whether that means a gin drink or a bourbon drink, a fruity drink or a fizzy drink. Our favorite Valentine's Day cocktails are flavorful and colorful, whether that means delicately pink or boldly red, fresh and light or strong and boozy. Some have a floral side, just in case you forgot to order that pretty bouquet. More

Reinvigorate Your Resolutions With These 25 Juice and Smoothie Recipes

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Some of the smoothies and juices we tested this past month are vibrant and green, some sweet and mellow. Here they all are, in case you're looking for a little inspiration for your still-kinda-the-New-Year-resolutions. More

6 Grapefruit Cocktails to Get You Through Winter

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

If you've done your breakfast duties and you're looking for more ways to use up this awesome winter citrus, the answer is clearly a cocktail or two. Here are six of our favorite grapefruit cocktail recipes to get you started. More

16 Sparkling Cocktails to Dazzle Your Party Guests

Recipe Roundups The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

Fizzy mixed drinks are a great place for affordable sparkling wines: extra ingredients like citrus juice, spirits, and liqueurs can cover up almost any less-than-perfect flavors. Looking for a little mixing inspiration? Here are 16 sparkling cocktail recipes we love. More

9 Large-Format Drinks to Make for Holiday Parties

Recipe Roundups The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

One of our top tips for holiday entertaining is this: do not make drinks one by one. Do not shake drinks for each of your cocktail party guests. Do not act as bartender all night long, unless you want your friends to start calling you 'Grinchy' by the end. Instead of making drinks to order, it's much more fun to whip up a big batch of punch or some other large-format cocktail so that it's easy for guests to serve themselves. More

7 Spiced Cocktails for the Holidays

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Baking spices have a home in drinks too: cardamom, clove, ginger, and nutmeg can add complex flavor that latches right into the bold notes of spirits and liqueurs. Here are seven favorite drinks to help add a little spice to your holiday cocktail party. More

Hot Cocktails: 20 Drink Recipes to Warm You Up

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We've experimented with a whole range of hot boozy drinks, spiking our cocoa with everything from mezcal to pisco and stirring pretty much the whole liquor cabinet into steaming mugs of cider, coffee, tea, and toddies. Here are 20 of the best hot drink recipes we've tested. More

3 Quince Cocktails to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups Autumn Giles 2 comments

The effort it takes to cook a quince will give you a ton of bang for your buck. Poaching leaves you with tender fruit for a pie or tart and a gorgeous syrup that—you guessed it—is great for cocktails. More

5 Great Pomegranate Drinks to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Pomegranate is one of the best cocktail ingredients we know, offering tartness and tang to balance a drink's sweetness, deep flavor that stands up to booze, and even a little tannic texture to make your drink more interesting. More

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