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The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 20 comments

Fat-washing: it might sound like a process for getting rid of bacon grease on your shirt, but it's actually a clever cocktail technique that adds savory flavor to spirits. We take a look at the science of what's actually going on with this tasty trick. More

The Fastest Way to Chill a Cocktail Glass

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 14 comments

If you want your cocktail to stay icy-cold, a chilled glass can help. But what's the fastest way to get those glasses down to temp? More

What Happens When You Add Olive Oil to a Cocktail?

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 11 comments

Now, before you freak out, hear me out. I did a double take too when I first heard about using olive oil in a cocktail. For one thing, oil and water don't actually mix, right? No, they don't, but that's where the fun comes in. More

The History and Science of Frozen Slushie Cocktails

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 7 comments

Every time I've come across premade frozen-cocktails-in-a-bag at the grocery store, I can't help but wonder if there might be something worth drinking inside. I was curious about how these cocktail-pouches came to be, and whether they might provide some hints for making better creamy-textured frozen drinks at home. More

A No-Heat, No-Filter Technique for Making Cocktail Syrups

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 16 comments

Making cocktail syrups from scratch is a pain in the butt, isn't it? Here's the good news: there's a better way. More

The Science of Jello Shots

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 7 comments

What's the story behind these slurpable cocktails? What's the strongest jello shot you can make? We revisit the jello shot and dig a little deeper. More

Cocktail Science: All About Carbonation

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 19 comments

Tingly, effervescent, and fun—who doesn't love the tiny bubbles found in beer, Champagne, and a good ol' G&T? But what are those bubbles, exactly? Today, we look at the science of carbonation. More

The Curious Bartender: Reimagined Cocktails from Across the Pond

Book Reviews Kevin Liu 8 comments

Used for reference or inspiration, The Curious Bartender is a worthwhile buy for anyone interested in learning about making better drinks. Most of the recipes in this book fall under the "weekend project" category—for the curious, it makes a pretty classy gift. More

Ergonomics and How to Organize Your Home Bar

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 8 comments

You can't duplicate the experience of a professional a bar at home, but here are some design and organizational tips to help make throwing cocktail parties a bit easier. More

Cocktail Science: MIT Researchers and José Andrés Make Edible Drink Garnishes That Swim Like Insects

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu Post a comment

Researchers at MIT have teamed up with chefs and food scientists to create edible cocktail accessories that smash together cutting-edge science with haute cuisine. More

Mocktail Science: Easy Substitutes for Complexity

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 3 comments

Today, we'll explore some of the other complex flavors and aromas that spirits bring to a party, and think up a few techniques to serve up booze-free drinks with just as much complexity, sans inebriation. More

What Makes a Great Mocktail?

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 10 comments

Wouldn't it be great if you could sip a mocktail that looks and tastes just like the real thing? Today, we'll look at the science of how alcohol actually tastes, how to mimic it, and whether this is a good idea. More

Cocktail Science: Do Alcohol Calories Count?

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 20 comments

How much energy do we get from drinking alcohol? The answer is a bit complex. More

Cocktail Science: Simpler Simple Syrup

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 12 comments

What could be simpler than simple syrup? Grab some sugar, add water, put it on the stove, and—stop. You've already gone to more trouble than you need to. Here's why. More

Cocktail Science: Does Your Cocktail Need Salt?

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 8 comments

Salt—it's not just for margaritas any more. Bartenders have long understood that a few drops of bitters go a long way toward 'rounding out' the rough edges of a drink, and now they've figured out that a tiny amount of salt can create the same magic. Today, we look at some of the hows and whys as we explore how a few tiny grains can up the flavor of your favorite mixed drinks. More

Cocktail Science: All About Foams

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 5 comments

The head on a pour of Guinness, the crema of a perfectly pulled espresso shot, the froth from a malted milkshake. Creamy, bubbly, and aromatic, each of these naturally-occurring foams adds an extra dimension of texture to drinks. Today, we'll look at some traditional and not-so-traditional techniques for making and perfecting foams for cocktails. More

Cocktail Science: 8 Tips and Tricks For Getting the Most Out of Citrus

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 10 comments

To really capture the complex flavors of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits, you have to think beyond just juice. Today, we look at some sweet suggestions for getting the most out of these sour fruits. More

Cocktail Science: 5 Myths About Ice, Debunked

Cocktail Science Kevin Liu 37 comments

If you spend time at fancy cocktail bars, it's quite possible that you've heard a few things about ice that that aren't quite true when you put them to the scientific test. Today, we're debunking those myths and clearing up a little of the science behind the chilly stuff. More

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