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We ask top somms across the country for their wine-related advice.


Ask a Sommelier: How to Pair Wine With Salads

When it comes to wine pairing, salads can be tricky: a salad that's dressed with something tart can knock out the flavor of the wine you're trying to enjoy. We asked a few sommeliers from around the country for their tips on the best wines to serve with salads, and all the factors to consider when pairing. More

Ask a Sommelier: What Makes a Great Wine List?

One of the most important tasks of a wine director is creating and managing a restaurant's wine list. But what sets apart a just-ok list from a great one? How does a wine director go about choosing wines and making a great list? We asked sommeliers from around the country for their thoughts. More

Ask a Sommelier: Wine Shopping Advice

This week, we asked our crew of sommeliers for their wine shopping tips. How do you spot a good retailer and what should we be looking for in a wine shop? What should you buy if you're looking to learn about wine? Are there specific brick-and-mortar shops, mailing lists, or online wine-selling sites we should be checking out? More

Ask a Sommelier: How to Pair Vegetables With Red Wine

In chilly weather, many folks crave robust red wines, but not of us all eat a ton of meat. A nice juicy steak might be the perfect foil for Cabernet or Tempranillo, but what options do we have in the vegetarian zone? Are there certain red wines that are especially veggie-friendly? Certain ingredients that can help vegetarian dishes work well with bolder wines? More

Ask a Sommelier: What to Drink With Chili

Fall is chill-in-the-air season, football season, tailgate season, and the season when we start craving belly-warming, slow-cooked food. That means we're eating a lot of chili these days, particularly the Food Lab's awesome 'Best Chili Ever'. But what's the best wine to drink with the best chili ever? We asked 13 sommeliers for their drink-pairing advice. More

Ask a Sommelier: Wine Ordering Tips

We asked a few sommeliers from around the country for their tips on ordering wine. What questions are helpful to ask? What information is important to share? What should we say to a sommelier in order to have a more enjoyable restaurant wine experience? Here's what they had to say. More

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