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Simplify Thanksgiving Drinking With These Make-Ahead Sparkling Cocktails

There's a smart method for serving drinks to a crowd without a ton of fiddly prep and shaking each drink by hand, and it's not a compromise when it comes to flavor. Mixing up a big batch of a special DIY mixer in advance means you're ready to pour one delicious drink after another—or you can delegate the simple task to someone else while you finish up making that green bean casserole. More

The Best Northwest Ciders

Think 'Pacific Northwest' when you're thirsty, and you'll likely picture hops. Or coffee, perhaps, or rain. What you're probably not thinking about is apples. But about 100 miles north of hoptopia's famed Yakima Valley is another valley—the Wenatchee Valley—where a different bumper crop is fueling the Northwest bar scene. Here, one of America's oldest drinks may just be the next big thing. Here are our favorites from a blind tasting of 3 dozen ciders from the Pacific Northwest. More

Drink Your Cranberries This Thanksgiving

Cranberry cocktails don't get much respect. Perhaps that's because they tend to be pretty boring: just sweetened juice spiked with whatever booze is handy. While cranberries are one of fall's signature flavors, a cranberry-vodka or a Sea Breeze feels a little too summery. And a bit too casual for serving at the holiday dinner table. But this cranberry cocktail, enriched with sherry and a splash of rum, is a different beast altogether. More

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