Cocktail Storytelling: 5 Great Books To Seek Out

Some of the books in today's guide offer cocktail recipes, but more importantly, they tell great stories. Every author in today's mix is a great raconteur, each with a unique and fascinating voice. These books scratch the surface of cocktail and drinking history, while exploring imbibing customs both in the United States and around the world. Continue reading »

From Behind the Bar: On Orthodoxy

They have a saying in photography. Novices obsess about equipment; experts think about light. For those of us in the cocktail game, I would amend the above statement as follows: Novices obsess about technique. Experts think about balance. Continue reading »

8 Floral Drinks for Mother's Day

I always get my mom flowers on Mother's Day; predictable, I know, but my mom's an avid gardner and flower arranger and loves a beautiful bouquet the way I'd love, I don't know, a selection of great cheeses. And thinking about flowers and mothers, I bet my mom would love one of these eight floral cocktails: some made with rosewater, some lavender, some elderflower liqueur. They're all light and refreshing enough to kick off a brunch or to sip on the porch before an early dinner. Continue reading »

Ask A Bartender: What Do You Drink Behind the Bar?

Welcome to Ask a Bartender, in which we chat with folks in the industry about what really happens behind the bar. This week: What are bartenders drinking back there? Continue reading »

Know Your Beans: A Field Guide to Coffee

Even if you're just a casual coffee lover, you've got a basic bean-spotter's vocabulary down, I'm sure. "Dark roast" is going to look darker than "light roast", and things called "Italian", "French" or "Viennese" may be distractingly dark and shiny. But have you ever explored the layers beyond—or even before—everyday roasted coffee? We offer this first in a series of pictorial field guides to help expand your visual vocabulary, one bean at a time. Continue reading »

Why Isn't There More Berliner Weisse?

When beer geeks get together, talk often settles on beer styles we love—especially those styles we just don't see enough of. Brewers are answering our dreams by boiling up more session beers but there are still some styles that cause us to sigh. Why don't we see more Gose? Couldn't we all use another super-fresh local pilsner? And why isn't there more Berliner Weisse? Continue reading »

Our Search for the Best Malbec Under $20

They say all good things come in threes—The Three Musketeers, Three Blind Mice, Three-Minute Egg. I would give you a fourth example, but that just seems like poor judgment. Instead, I'll tell you about three brave grapes, that many years ago made the long and trying journey from a faraway land called "France" to an also faraway land called "South America". The names of these grapes are Carmenere, Tannat, and Malbec. For this post, we tried a whopping 22 bottles of Malbec to pick out our favorites to recommend. Continue reading »

Why I Like Hank's Gourmet Soda

There is a magical sandwich shop in Philadelphia called Paesano's; I can't drive through Philly without stopping by. But almost as much as those sandwiches (the Arista is my go-to), I look forward to Hank's Gourmet Soda, a brand local to the Philadelphia area. Continue reading »

Our New Favorite Way to Drink Coffee: OMilk's Cold-Brew with Almond Milk

OMilk's latest flavor: coffee milk (only available via delivery for now). It starts with a super-strong batch of cold brew extract, which gets a pour of their fresh almond milk and a touch of raw agave nectar swirled in. It's one part coffee to three parts milk, so it's strong enough to drink on its own though you could always up the caffeine by pouring it over a fresh-brewed cup (yes, coffee on coffee). Continue reading »

Homebrew Recipes: Decoding The Acronyms

To the untrained eye, a homebrewing recipe can look like a secret code with abbreviations, acronyms, and lists of numbers. Over the years, brewers have condensed the essentials of a brewing recipe into an easy to reference format that can be quickly reviewed during the brewing process. But today we're going to demystify the code so that you can read a brewing recipe like the pros. Continue reading »

Bring Back the Aperitif: 5 Refreshing Cocktail Recipes from The Modern in NYC

It's time to officially bring back the aperitif. I'm not talking happy-hour margaritas here, but light, appetite-whetting refreshments to sip (ideally outside) at dusk. Something a little bitter and not too boozy—the perfect aperitif doesn't even really need to include a strong spirit, just some aromatized wine or amaro, sometimes a dash of soda or tonic, just the thing to ease into evening (and accompany a plate of appetizers.) Here are 5 delicious recipes for aperitif cocktails to make at home. Continue reading »

5 Refreshing Beers for Warm Weather Drinking

Last week we covered some fine examples of recently released hoppy session lagers and ales. This week we're adding 5 favorites that rely more on yeast and malt and don't lean quite as heavily on the hops. Though some are a little above 5% ABV, we'd still consider them easy-drinking. Continue reading »

Why You Should Buy Fair Trade Coffee

What makes Fair Trade–certified coffee so much better for the beans, for the farmers, for the earth, and for your morning cup? Today, we explore what the term means, and why you should support it with your hard-earned dough. Continue reading »