Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Escape Endless Winter With a Tropical Drink

The chilling wind, the snow, the freezing rain. The icy, slushy puddles. The power outages. Winter: we're fed up with you. And if there's nothing we can do about it, we're going to drink our way to a tropical place, where the sun beats down, the cocktails have umbrellas, and the pineapples are sweet. Care to join us? Head over to the slideshow to find out more about 12 delicious tropical escapes-in-a-glass.

Go Straight to the Recipes!

Scorpion »
Mai Tai »
151 Swizzle »
Saturn »
Pina Colada »
Fog Cutter »
Jungle Bird »
Zombie Punch »
Planter's Punch »
Test Pilot »
The Ancient Mariner »
Pineapple Rum Punch »


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