Some folks are attacking the Moscow Mule. Would you defend this drink? [Photo: Paul Clarke]

This week, Thrillist posted a list under the all-caps title "The Moscow Mule Sucks" sharing 15 bartenders' picks for most overrated and underrated mixed drinks.

In the Thrillist piece, famous folks like Dale Degroff, Jim Meehan, Joaquin Simo, and Todd Maul bash not just the Moscow Mule but also the Manhattan—"several of its descendants are much better drinks" says Jackson Cannon—the Mojito, and even the Bloody Mary. Their picks for underrated cocktails: the classic daiquiri, the gimlet, Vieux Carré...and the Harvey Wallbanger? (Really?)

What's your take on this? Got a beef with the Moscow Mule? What about the poor ol' Mojito? We're not saying every version of these drinks is a winner—using crummy rum and over-muddling your mint isn't going to please some drinkers, but a well-made Mojito on a hot day sounds pretty good to us right about now.

Are there overrated drinks? Sure. A few of our editors mentioned the current hipster cred attached to the Negroni. "I do like the drink," Managing Editor Jamie said, "but I don't think it's THE BEST DRINK OF ALL TIME. And I don't think it makes you cooler."

As for underrated drinks, NY Editor Max chimes in for the Alaska, his go-to gin drink made with a little Yellow Chartreuse. And a few of us have a soft spot for anything in the sour family: a well made daiquiri or whiskey sour is one of our favorite things.

If you were to select an overrated and underrated cocktail for this list, what would you choose? Sound off in the comments below.


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