Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Show and Tell: Your Favorite Cocktail Glasses

As easy as it is to serve everything in a tumbler—or a red plastic cup—and call it a day, the perfect glass can make cocktail hour much more classy. A home bar isn't complete without a collection of coupes and fancy rocks glasses, and we can't resist a vintage punch glass or anything with a decorative stem. We're suckers for good glassware.

The Serious Eats community clearly feels the same way, because when we asked to see your favorite cocktail glasses, we received some real gems. From thrift shop finds to family heirlooms, you all have great taste in glassware.

Check 'em all out in the slideshow above »

About the author: Rabi Abonour is an editorial intern at Serious Eats. A Midwest native, he's taken up the challenge of exploring New York one bite at a time. You can find him on his blog, Twitter, and Instagram.


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