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There's always money in the banana stand. [Photographs: Liz Clayman]

I've got a real thing for bananas. I'm not sure where this love came from, but it's rare that I can walk by a perfectly ripe brown freckled banana, and not have the impulse to pick it up, peel it, and eat it. So when it comes to smoothies, I almost always want to throw in a banana for great texture and just-the-right-amount of sweetness.

My favorite banana smoothie—the top of the crop—was inspired by Arrested Development and the Bluth Banana Stand. The classic combination of bananas and chocolate (yep, I like a little Nutella in the morning) is made even better with a bit of added crunch from pecans and cocoa nibs. A sprinkle of sea salt brings out all the flavors. Bottoms up!

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