[Photographs: Julianne Puckett]

After the towers of sugary holiday cookies and boozy fruitcakes, washed down with bourbony eggnog, I'm done. Please, just give me something light and refreshing. And easy to make.

The answer: The Bul (pronounced "bool"), a simple blend of ginger beer and lime, mixed with your favorite pilsner or pale ale. It's a Cuban favorite that is often reserved for summertime sipping around the barbecue, but it's delightful no matter what the weather, and perfect for sipping alongside game day fare like pulled pork, wings, and 7-layer dip. (Who needs resolutions? We're playing watching football here!)


Making a batch is about as easy as you can imagine: mix a few bottles of beer with a few bottles of ginger beer, add some fresh lime juice and serve over ice. The crispness of the beer pairs perfectly with the tangy, spicy notes of ginger, and the fresh lime makes it all wonderfully refreshing and full of flavor.

Use a good, spicy ginger beer for your Bul: I chose Maine Root, but we also like Fentiman's and Reed's. As for the beer, you'll get more of a bitter, piney punch if you go with pale ale—it's easy to find Sierra Nevada at your grocery store. Bright, easy-drinking pilsner is a good choice too: the best-tasting ones are likely to be the beers brewed fresh locally.

About the author: Julianne Puckett is a writer, designer and the creator of the food blog Yankee Kitchen Ninja. She lives in rural Vermont, where she struggles to reconcile the siren call of her inner farmer with her love of cute shoes and cocktails.


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