[Photograph: Liz Clayman]

I love New York, cold winters and all. But sometimes, when it's freezing outside and the heat is pumped up to desert-hot levels inside, I find myself musing about warm weather travels to far off places. That's when I take a break from my stews and braised meats, and take myself on a little sojourn in the kitchen...it's the ultimate way to travel on a budget.

India. She's just a scoop, measure, and blend away with this variation on a mango lassi. March through May means mango season throughout the country. When I was there traveling last March, the trees were heavy with ripening mangoes, lending the air a slightly sweet, heady smell from the blooms and blushing fruits. Paired with some curry and dhal, you've got a delightful meal that will, at least for its duration, take you on a journey.

This tamarind and coconut-enhanced take on a traditional lassi is downright refreshing. It is a little tart with just the right amount of sweet and smooth.

Make extra in the summer to freeze as popsicles.

About the author: We are a team of a food brain and a food photographer, snacking our way through life one day at a time. Mira is the publisher of sweetsandbitters.com. More of Liz's work can be seen at lizclayman.com.

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