Slideshow SLIDESHOW: What We Drank at the New York City Food and Wine Festival's Mixology Masters

[Photographs: Eunice Choi]

The New York City Wine and Food Festival's Mixology Masters event last night brought together some of New York's best bars into one venue; it was a rare opportunity to taste cocktails from spots like Death and Co., Little Branch, Rum House, and Pouring Ribbons without running around town or waiting for a seat.

How does a bar select a signature drink for an event like this? The majority of the cocktails were easy to sip—and easy on the eyes. "We're not here to challenge anyone tonight," said Travis St. Germain of The Clover Club. "These are drinks that are popular at our bars, and are easily drinkable; they're crowd-pleasers."

The bartenders of Employees Only simultaneously shaking and serving drinks.

The best drinks at the festival were not just pretty and sweet, but balanced all around and offering real depth of flavor. (A few featured bittersweet Cynar, which added a nice earthiness and fall feeling to the drinks.) Our favorites included cocktails from Clover Club, The Wayland, and Death and Co. Head over to the slideshow for a closer look at everything we drank at Mixology Masters »

About the author: Eunice is a student and former Serious Eats intern living in New York. Food, coffee, and photography are her passions, and she looks to combine all three during her stay in the city.

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