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Ask a Sommelier: How Did You Get Interested in Wine?

Studying More Wine than Algebra

What inspired them to get into wine? Josiah Baldivino (shown) had a college internship in a wine shop.

A good sommelier exudes excitement for wine, and when we start talking to one, we always wonder how they first found that passion. Was there an aha! moment? A wine that really turned his head and convinced him to devote his life to studying vineyards and winemaking methods, regions, producers, and pairings? Was there a mentor who guided the way? We asked 14 somms about how they got interested in wine. Here's what they had to say.

A Tiny Village in Italy

Brianne Day of Riffle NW

From Line Cook to Sommelier

Star Black of Olympic Provisions.

Getting the Girl

Steven Rhea of Hospoda.

"An Accidental Discovery"

John Toigo of Fiola

A Slow Rise in Experience

Julia Travis of Cull & Pistol

A Transition from Sake

Cara Patricia of Hakkasan San Francisco

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