Note from the author: There are 1,368 varieties covered in Master of Wine Jancis Robinson's new book, Wine Grapes. Bet you can't try them all.


2010 Claudio Morelli La Vigna Terrazze Bianchello del Metauro (Marche, Italy). [Photograph: Stevie Stacionis]

The end of a twelve-hour workday calls for a glass of wine, a quesadilla made in the microwave and the TV remote at the ready. Don't bother me, and please don't force me to think about anything. Is it terrible that I wanted this bottle of Bianchello to be a little unexciting?

Let me be honest: There are nights when I just want a pleasant, refreshing and easy-down-the-hatch wine I can drink two (maybe, um, three) glasses of and not feel like I have to genuflect. Every grape has its occasion, and Claudio Morelli's La Vigna Terrazze Bianchello del Metauro is perfect for exactly this. At the end of a long day, I am beyond thankful for it.

The brief, quarter-page entry on Biancame in Jancis Robinson's Wine Grapes summarizes, "This vigorous, mid- to late-ripening white variety from the Marche[...] is responsible for Bianchello del Matauro DOC wines, which is why the grape itself is sometimes called Bianchello."

It's full of easygoing ripe yellow apple flavors, followed up with a faintly nutty finish, kind of like toasted almonds. But I love the spritzy mouthfeel most—it makes me want to refill my glass...every time the commercial breaks come.

2010 Claudio Morelli La Vigna Terrazze Bianchello del Metauro (Marche, Italy)
The Grape: Bianchello, aka Biancame
The Region: Marche, Italy
Retail Price: $14
The Importer: AI Selections

About the Author: Stevie Stacionis is a wine writer and Certified Sommelier based in San Francisco. She's currently drinking her way through the 1,368 varieties included in the new Wine Grapes tome. Follow her on Twitter @StevieStacionis.

Wine provided as a sample for review consideration.


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