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[Photograph: Carolyn Cope]

Ever notice how elusive balance can seem in the world these days? Work weeks are either four hours or 80 hours. Athletic activities are either video games or ultramarathons. Beverages are either big gulps or week-long juice cleanses. Sometimes I think pop culture confuses balance with mediocrity and consequently steers clear of both.

It's true that extremes can be awfully appealing sometimes, and at other times awfully familiar. Bury yourself in that work project for six months and take the next six months to travel around the world? Sure, that sounds a lot more amazing than a year of nine to five. Adore your kids so much you think you might explode and then actually explode when they stuff half a roll of toilet paper down the sink drain? That might sound familiar to some people. (Ahem.) I can get behind a lack of balance in certain areas.

But other times balance is crucial. And whether you know it yet or not, your everyday green juice is one of those times. People tend to drink green juice to feel they're doing something good for themselves—and unfortunately, some of the green juices out there taste like you'd darn well better be doing something good for yourself.

As more and more people are realizing these days, it doesn't have to be that way. Green juice can be really delicious. One great way to ensure deliciousness is to strike a pleasing balance of flavors. A bit of sweetness, a bit of tang, a touch of gingery warmth, and a hint of sharpness, all rooted in a substantial, satisfying base. That's what you'll find in this recipe.

Drink a glass of this juice in the morning, and even if everything else is 80 hours of work and a supersize fries, you'll always have a bit of balance in your day.

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About the author: Carolyn Cope is the voice behind the popular food and lifestyle blog Umami Girl, where she'll soon be releasing a free e-book filled with easy ways to incorporate more healthy, plant-based foods into your life. She is equal parts live-to-eat and eat-to-live and currently does both from London.