Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 6 Great Punch Recipes from Seattle Bars

[Photographs: Jamie Boudreau and Naomi Bishop]

'Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing gets a group of friends—or awkward officemates—jolly quicker or better than gathering around the punch bowl. We asked three of Seattle's finest drinking establishments to fork over their favorite punch recipes to share with you just in time for winter entertaining.

Seattle's Canon, which spent the last year picking up "Best New Bar" awards, offers a spin on the classic Fishhouse Punch. "If you're doing punch right," the bar's cocktail luminary, Jamie Boudreau, "you're serving your friends, they're serving you. It's the perfect social drink." He is an especially big fan around this time of year, when a big punch bowl can be the focal point of a festive table.

Right down the hill at the much-acclaimed Vessel, Jim Romdall is equally enthusiastic about punch: "It's my excuse to make an eight ingredient cocktail. Getting to blend base spirits is fun," he adds, and it's totally party of the punch-making tradition.

Spices and brown spirits, citrus fruits and their juices—all signs of the season—help make holiday punch festive and tasty. Check out the slideshow for 6 recipes from a few of Seattle's bar experts »

About the author: Naomi Bishop is a Seattle based food writer and marketer. Find more of her musings on her food blog, TheGastroGnome, where she claims that being a GastroGnome is not about sitting idly on the front lawn of culinary cottages. You can also follow her explorations of cooking and culture around the world at @GastroGnome.

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