5 Coffee Tattoos We Love


Extracting the finest details on coffee from our experts.

Even if I am as sick as everyone else is of hearing about "tattooed hipster baristas," I'll cop to also being kind of impressed that anyone loves making coffee enough to, you know, get it permanently inked onto his or her skin. (Not that there aren't cheesy coffee-related tattoos—there are plenty of those.) Some cafes even offer discounts for proving your latte love. (Lifetime of free coffee? Don't mind if I do.)

Here are a few of our favorite examples of coffee-related ink »

Have you seen any cool coffee tattoos recently?

About the author: Erin Meister trains baristas and inspires coffee-driven people for Counter Culture Coffee. She's a confident barista, an audacious eater, and a smiling runner, but she remains a Nervous Cook.