Slideshow: Our 5 Favorite TV Coffee Shops

Dean & DeLuca on <em>Felicity</em>
Dean & DeLuca on Felicity
Felicity was our Everygirl: She had so much potential, so much life to live, so much curly hair…and then suddenly, she didn't. Have the hair, I mean. But she did have a job at a Dean & DeLuca formerly located near NYU. (Sadly, this location no longer stands, but fans can still get a taste of that D&D decadence at the Soho flagship market.)

Dean & DeLuca [Photograph: richy! on Flickr]

Monk's on <em>Seinfeld</em>
Monk's on Seinfeld
A "coffeeshop" in the classic sense (read: diner), the joint known as Monk's was practically a second home for Jerry and the gang on Seinfeld. The exteriors were actually shot at an old-school spot on New York's Upper West Side, called Tom's Restaurant, where you're probably better off ordering a triple-decker than a cup of joe.

Tom's Restaurant, 2880 Broadway, New York NY 10025. [Photograph: mbshane on Flickr]

Cafe Grumpy on <em>Girls</em>
Cafe Grumpy on Girls
The biting realism on Lena Dunham's popular dramedy Girls extends beyond dysfunctional romance and awkward work situations: It includes a bit of uncomfortable café snobbery set in a New York spot that's normally got nothing of the sort: sweetly neighborhoody, laid-back Brooklyn favorite Café Grumpy.

Café Grumpy,193 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn NY 11222 [Photograph: niallkennedy on Flickr]

Cafe Nervosa on <em>Frasier</em>
Cafe Nervosa on Frasier
Of course there was a coffee shop at the very heart (or at least nervous systems) of the world's most profoundly bourgie sitcom, Frasier. While Frasier and his brother Niles waxed neurotic about life and love, heaping frothy cappuccinos kept them awake, alert, and, well, high-strung.

While there is no such location in Frasier's native Seattle, there is one in Toroto (pictured). There was also a marketing tie-in cookbook from the show's Nervosa, for the completists out there.

[Photograph: digitalnative on Flickr]