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Drinking in Season: Lavender French 75


Thank goodness spring is finally here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, I mean, what more could you want? Perhaps a tasty cocktail, that's what. With all the action going on outside, I decided it was high time to create a floral-inspired cocktail. Lavender, which is a member of the mint family, is the perfect starting point.

Lemon is a natural partner for lavender, bringing a bright, fresh flavor, while gin highlights the herbal side. That's a good start, but it still seemed like it was missing something—I wanted a little more pizzazz. A quick flip through some of my recipe books led me to a French 75—a classic combination of lemon juice, gin, simple syrup, and the kicker—Champagne. Hell yeah, let's add a little bubbly action to this celebration!

This festive take on a classic drink tastes like spring—a little floral, a little bright, and a little bubbly—just right, if you ask me.

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