Gallery: 5 Things To Do With Manhattan Special Espresso Coffee Soda

"Iced Latte"
Manhattan Special over ice with just a little whole milk. No sugar required.
"White-ish Russian"
Manhattan Special with vodka and a little whole milk. These could be exceptionally dangerous at a party.
Or "Manhattan Special Float." Coffee soda over vanilla ice cream.
Manhattan Special blended up with ice and a little milk.
Hangover Cure: With A Breakfast Sandwich
Hangover Cure: With A Breakfast Sandwich
Okay, this isn't mixing, obviously, but it is a really effective pairing. This particular egg sandwich, from Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe in Prospect Heights, has been the difference between a functional Carey and a nooooo cannot get on the subway Carey on more than a few occasions (particularly weekdays; don't tell my boss).

My drink of choice used to be Vitamin Water, but ever since I noticed Manhattan Special at this bagel shop, I found that it could really do something, well, special on those rough mornings. I can't take full-on black coffee on a hungover stomach, while simultaneously needing coffee; so what's the answer? A gently caffeinated coffee-tasting beverage that doubles up as sugar delivery.